Digital Art, Illustration & Rendering Galleries

Dale has been creating detailed, realistic digital art and illustration for customers for over 15 years. Dale’s past client list contains many satisfied clients including Kenny Bernstein Racing, Valerie Thompson Racing, Roger Bourget, Lethal Threat Designs, and Deano’s Custom Painting. Many of Dale’s illustrations are currently being sold across the nation in the retail industry. 

Prior to starting any project, sketches or renderings and a quote is given. This allows the client to visualize the completed project and make changes as needed. When the sketch is approved the project is created either with the computer, airbrush, or traditional painting. The client can expect updates throughout the process and the opportunity to provide input.

At the completion of the project, images are sent to the client for final approval. For digital artwork, the completed project is emailed or transferred over our website.

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