Services and Fees

In every project, you can expect exceptional, high quality artwork with outstanding customer service and satisfaction. Each service is explained in detail below.  Click on the links above to see examples of each service from Dale’s extensive portfolio.

Airbrush and Custom Painting:  Dale is known for extremely detailed freehand airbrush artwork and very clean high quality custom paint jobs on motorcycles, automobiles, RV’s, helmets, and walls. 

Pinstriping:  Outlining flames and graphics or creating detailed, symmetrical pinstripe designs is accomplished with hand held pinstriping brushes.

Renderings:  A rendering is used to provide a preliminary image of a completed design, paint scheme, or product. Most all projects begin with one or more renderings to help visualize what the project will look like when completed.  A rendering can be used by the customer in many ways including a very effective means to sell a product or an idea to a client.

Digital Art & Illustration: Digital artwork is created using the computer, software, and a digital drawing pad with a pen and airbrush tools. The completed artwork is in a digital form that can easily be used for many different applications. Illustration artwork can be created digitally with the computer or by hand with different mediums.

Graphic Design:  Dale can provide business promotional designs including logos, business cards, brochures, posters, advertisements, web graphics, vehicle and window lettering. 

Fine Art & Oil Painting: Dale has created several fine art pieces and portraits which are being enjoyed across the nation in homes and businesses. In each fine art piece Dale strives to convey the complexity and natural beauty of each subject in an artistic and accurate style, while emphasizing subtle details and dramatic lighting. You can purchase originals, portraits, and limited edition prints and reproductions.  Contact us for pricing and availability.     

Fees:  We provide free estimates for all projects. Each project is unique and the price of a project varies depending on the complexity, detail level, and the medium used in the project.  It also depends on how many parts will be painted and if there are any damages that need repaired prior to painting.  Please contact Dale to discuss your particular project to determine the amount of time and steps required and the price range you can expect.  A 50% deposit is required to start a project.  

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